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24 Hours in San Francisco

by Andy Nguyen | 1 year ago

I was sent up to the bay area to do some work. Figured I’d go spend a day in San Francisco if I’m out here. Every time I fly up north, there’s a huge list of places that I need to eat at. I did quite some damage in the short amount of time I was in the city. Less than 24 hours I came ready to grub. I visited places Yank Sing, Onigilly, Mong Kok Bakery, Cafe Bunn Mi, Boba Guys, Golden Gate Bakery and Mensho Tokyo. Ran around the city and discovered the best egg tarts I’ve ever encountered, buttery soft bbq pork buns, and the most amazing bowl of ramen that ever hit my tongue. When you travel with me, we are going to eat till we drop, get up and eat again!